// 20.07.2019 //

Congress in Berlin

IFSHT celebrated it's 30-year birthday at the 11th IFSHT Congress in Berlin., Germany June 17- 21, 2019. 

The IFSHT Congress Programme included the following topics: assessment, brachial plexus, flexor tendons, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain, PIP joint injuries, splinting workshops and much more. In addition to the scientific content, there were fun social events such as the opening reception, Berlin Night, and the gala celebration.
The congress had a record number of participants, 4001 persons from 92 countries attended the the joint congress held in conjunction with IFSSH and FESSH, 681 therapists participated and utilized this opportunity to update their hand therapy knowledge as well as to connect with therapists, surgeons and exhibitors.   The congress app can be downloaded free of charge and the abstracts are available in the app for all to view, click on the link to programme
to do so.